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My Hero Dragon SM.jpg

Ezra James thought there was nowhere on earth that his best friend, Ruby, and her young son could hide from her abusive husband’s powerful family. Then the Day of the Dragons happened…

Safety is suddenly within their grasp. The problem is that they need to get the little boy beyond Elysia South’s energy shield before the boy’s father or senator grandfather can find them, and that would require petitioning the dragons for asylum. At least that’s the rumor…

While flying his routine patrols near the energy shield, dragon shifter Raphek suddenly finds himself in the shocking position of saving a couple of adult Terrans and a child from a bunch of Terran goons with guns seemingly trying to murder them. However, bringing them into Elysia South causes a diplomatic nightmare, one that threatens to trigger a war between his kingdom and the US unless King Dagon hands over all three to the very man that swore to kill both Ezra and Ruby if Ezra ever helped his wife leave him.

Love should be the last thing on Ezra’s mind, but he can’t help the white-hot attraction he feels for their gorgeous and kind dragon savior, especially when all signs seem to hint that Raphek burns for him as well. Complicating matters even further is the romance seemingly brewing between Raphek’s brother and Ruby, coupled with the Draknos’s fierce protective instincts for children.

Can Ezra and Raphek find a solution to their impossible dilemma, or will the dragon brothers have to give up what may very well be their fated mates to satisfy the demands of Ruby’s ex’s powerful family for the sake of peace?

My Relentless Dragon eBook Cover SM.jpg

What can be harder than finding the perfect man? Knowing that your love is super illegal when you do…

Nolan Warren has always been a list guy, so of course his plans for the coming weekend had one. Maybe the most insane list of his life:

Travel to a secret dragon safehouse with his parents. Check.
Cross an international border illegally. Check.
Attend his little brother’s equally wedding to a dragon-shifter. Check.
Ignore said brother’s gorgeous dragon liaison, Airon’s, flirtation…

Hmm…that last one might be a little tricky.

While Nolan certainly doesn’t have a problem with the thought of dating a dragon, the unfortunate reality is that a huge chunk of human society does, including the government. Forsaking the life in Dallas that he has built like his brother was forced to do with his dragon-shifter mate isn’t something Nolan is prepared to do. Nor would he ever ask Airon to do the same for him. Yet, there’s no denying the fierce attraction and affection they feel for one another, especially when Airon believes Nolan is the fated mate he has been waiting for.

Will societal fears about dragons prove stronger than fate, or will Nolan and Airon get their happily ever after?

My Fallen Dragon eBook Cover SM.jpg

A blizzard, a completely bare man with the body of a god bleeding in your back yard…wait, what?

After waking up to one of the worst snow storms his state has seen in years, Julian Warren expects to see a news report about business and school closures, not the earthshattering news of a mysterious island appearing in the Atlantic seemingly overnight and footage of what looks like a dragon straight out of myth circling said island. Adding to the madness, when a crash in his back yard leads Julian to discover a gorgeous man without a stitch on, bleeding, and with steam rising from his skin, he finds that he suddenly has an injured dragon shifter in need of shelter and care. The problem? Hiding the dragon’s existence from a government currently freaking out about dragon sightings compounded by a mountain suddenly appearing in Julian’s city would likely lead to a life sentence in prison.

Oh, and Julian just may have a teensy crush on his unwitting guest that he thinks would never in a million years be reciprocated…

Crashing hard into a cold sea of white is definitely not dragon shifter Sevek’s finest moment. Finding himself at the mercy of a Terran man within a world that has been slowly bleeding into his own for centuries, one his king’s scholars had been warning him to not get too close to is even worse. Sevek’s only priority should be to find a way back to his people without revealing his true nature to the Terrans, yet he can’t ignore the desires Julian awakens within him, desires he hasn’t felt in years. Courting a mate that could betray him to the Terran military at any moment is beyond stupid, but it could be equally stupid to pass up the gift of a mate fate has offered them both.

Can a dragon and a human make a relationship work, or will the fear of an uncertain future for both Sevek and the human world at large tear them apart?

This is a complete m/m paranormal romance story with a HEA.
It contains several scorching-hot scenes and mature language.

Lord of Time.jpg

A contract with a devil…?

Gabriel Morgan never imagines his eighteenth birthday will end with the doors of his home being kicked in by gun-wielding thugs intent on stealing away his little sister as payment for his estranged father’s gambling debts. Pushed into an impossible corner, Gabriel is on the brink of doing something unspeakable when billionaire business mogul Darrien Stathos steps into the fray and announces a contract that nullifies all other claims—for Gabriel. Only too willing to be the sacrificial martyr to save his family, the cost of surrendering himself to Darrien, however, may be more than Gabriel bargains for.

Demon, alien, vampire, or just a plain human monster rumored to be the international crime lord known as Kairos, Gabriel has heard all whispered about this handsome, yet intimidating, savior. Whispers he is starting to fear are true when he witnesses a few disturbing incidents involving Darrien that cannot be rationally explained. Add to that the constant harassment of a couple of FBI agents intent on unearthing damning evidence that will prove that the crime lord, Kairos, is Darrien’s true face, as well as an assassination attempt on Darrien, and Gabriel starts to think that maybe sharing Darrien’s bed is the least daunting thing he will have to face.

Who is Darrien really, and why is he so interested in an ordinary guy like Gabriel, a guy just struggling to help his family make ends meet like millions of others? Gabriel isn’t sure he wants to know the answer, but when has the universe ever given him anything other than the finger?

This is a m/m reimagining of the urban fantasy/paranormal romance story previously published as The Supreme Moment. It contains several scorching-hot scenes and mature language with a HFN plot resolution.



My Stone Dragon Temp Cover.jpg

The Ishkkan (Stonedrakes) make their romantic debut!

*Coming Spring 2022*

The Time lord's Assistant SM.jpg

Thaddeus and Rylan's story. Blurb coming soon!

*Coming end of Feb 2022*

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